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Who we are?

We are a team of top engineers working on decentralized solutions in order to innovate, bring DeFi to the next level and solve real-world problems.

Our journey in Blockchain space started back in 2017, but an interesting, eye-opening experience for us was the NextGen Blockchains meetup – powered by MultiversX, in October 2018, Bucharest. We talked about limitations of current blockchain architectures, what areas can be improved, what the future architectures might look like and what is MultiversX' take on it. We talked about MultiversX' vision for a scalable value transfer protocol for the digital economy, about the novel approach of using adaptive state shading & secure proof of stake. Last, but not least, we talked about the future of blockchain: uses cases and adoption.

After setting up our first nodes we have been an active part on each release and had great results in the Battle of Nodes events. The successful Mainnet launch in July 2020 was a huge milestone for us and for MultiversX as well.

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