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Stake your eGLD on MultiversX blockchain and earn rewards.

MultiversX is based on Secure Proof-of-Stake or SPoS consensus mechanism. MultiversX’ network is capable of processing up to 15,000 transactions per second, making it one of the highest performing blockchains. Transactions at MultiversX are confirmed almost instantly.

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MultiversX staking benefits

Passive Income

Earn money while you are sleeping. Earn without being required to run a validator node.

Service Availability

We use top hosting providers to ensure and have perfect availability for the staking infrastructure.


The MultiversX staking smart contract is open source and audited. We don't have access to your funds and you are free to unstake at any time.

Decentralized Infrastructure

Make a valuable contribution to securing and decentralizing the MultiversX blockchain.

How much you can earn?

Use the calculator bellow to get an idea of how much you can earn if you delegate your eGLD. Rewards are received daily if any of Money Digital nodes are online.

Daily 25eGLD $125
Monthly 25eGLD $125
Yearly 25eGLD $125
04. FAQs

Common questions regarding MultiversX staking

What is staking?

MoneyDigital is facilitating the access for regular people and big investors to earn rewards by validating transactions and the securing the MultiversX Network. Staking is the activity where a user locks his funds in order to participate in maintaining the operations of the MultiversX blockchain system.

Where I can buy eGld from?

We do not sell eGLD on our platform but you can use the partners listed on MultiversX’ website https://buy.multiversx.com/.

How much I will earn?

The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of MoneyDigital is currently [bring the link] which is calculated based on the capital staked on our nodes and our service fee.

How I should start staking?

First of all you need a wallet that you can create either directly from our website or downloading the

How safe is staking my eGld with MoneyDigital?

We are using a smart contract that is audited and certified by MultiversX. You can look for us in the Maiar app where we are listed also as a safe Staking Provider.

MoneyDigital has access to my eGld?

No, when you stake your eGld with MoneyDigital you will interact directly with a smart contract created by MultiversX, you are the only person able to add or withdraw eGld from the contract.

What is MoneyDigital role in the MultiversX Network ecosystem?

As a staking provider we represent our customers in the MultiversX Network ecosystem running nodes in order to maintain the security of the network and validate transactions in the blockchain.

What is a Node?

The Node is server, running the MultiversX client and relaying messages received from its peers. Nodes can fulfill roles of Validators, Observers or Fisherman providing different support levels to the network and earning proportional rewards.

What is a Validator?

Validators are nodes on the MultiversX network that process transactions and secure the network by participating in the consensus mechanism, while earning rewards from the protocol and transaction fees. In order to become part of the MultiversX network, a validator needs to put up collateral in the form of EGLD tokens, which are staked to align the incentives between validators and network goals. Validators stand to lose, their stake if they collude to disrupt the network.

05. Who we are

About us

We are a team of top engineers working on decentralized solutions in order to innovate, bring DeFi to the next level and solve real-world problems.

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